Exclusive In-house Training

A flexible training program to increase the skills of the aged care workforce to embed evidence-based change.

All sessions from January to May 2023 - BOOKED OUT!!
Enquire now to book from June 2023 onwards.


Do you:

  • have an organisation-wide or cross-organisation problem to solve.
  • want to find the best evidence to make a change.
  • want to develop your staff to find brave and innovative solutions.
  • need help to develop a tailored solution and an appropriate implementation plan.

Then you can book your exclusive in-house Innovator Training Program to enable continuous improvement specifically for your organisation.


It is an exclusive, bespoke program delivered by highly-skilled, aged care specialists to empower your staff to make changes within your organisation, with brave and innovative solutions.

Participants will learn how to understand a problem, find a best-practice evidence-based solution, adapt it to their situation, plan its implementation and measure the outcome of the change.

You can even create a group with other like-minded organisations that are facing similar challenges and implement solutions to improve the delivery of care or services.


Our In-house Innovator Training Program is delivered free for a group of 8 to 12 participants and includes:

  • Online modules and workshops to define the problem, tailor and evaluate the solution and form a project plan.
  • Relevant evidence provided to you by ARIIA.
  • 2.5 days of in-person group workshops to discuss, contextualise and adapt potential solutions to your setting and situation.
  • Development of staff skills to ‘pitch’ their idea to stakeholders.
  • Access to ongoing peer support during project implementation.
  • Access to continuous learning and development opportunities via the ARIIA Innovator Network.
  • Activities delivered over a negotiated timeframe (approx. 5-10 weeks).


All sessions until May 2023 are now booked out, so enquire now about a booking for June 2023 onwards at