Environmental Scan Summary

The Knowledge and Implementation Hub undertook an environmental scan to find current high-quality Australian educational tools on rehabilitation for aged care workers. Structured searches using the Advanced Search version of Google took place, first in March and updated in July 2022, to find webpages, PDFs, and other resources originating from Australia. The quality of the included resources was appraised using the AACODS checklist.

Searches returned a total of 70 resources on rehabilitation, reablement and restorative care in aged care in Australia. The majority of the resources were on reablement (n=38), followed by rehabilitation, reablement and restorative care (n=11), rehabilitation (n=10), reablement and restorative (n=6) and restorative care (n=5). The limited number of resources available specific to rehabilitation and restorative care across Australia may be due to the variation in definitions used, or more likely due to the current funding models for aged care that focus on ‘dependency’ and ‘deficit,’ presenting a significant barrier to the provision of rehabilitative resources. These resources are now available in the resources section of the Hub. The project team will repeat the scan process at scheduled intervals to ensure the resource content for rehabilitation, reablement, and restorative care remains up to date.