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Commonly asked questions: Voluntary assisted dying in aged care

Voluntary assisted dying (VAD) is an emerging area for aged care in Australia. With VAD operating in all Australian States by the end of November 2023, aged care providers and staff will increasingly receive questions about VAD from those they care for and their families. In this blog, Penny Neller from End of Life Directions for Aged Care (ELDAC) answers common queries about VAD in aged care.

What is reablement in relation to Aged Care

This video by aspire4life covers what reablement is in relation to aged care, and how a reablement approach can be used by home support assessors

Rehabilitation Appliances Program (RAP), provides a range of aids, equipment and home modifications to support clients living independently at home

This webinar by OPAN discusses the range of aids, equipment and modifications available through Rehabilitation Appliances Program (RAP), eligibility requirements and how to access RAP.

Half the Story: A guide for meaningful consultation with people impacted by dementia

‘You cannot feel what it is like inside our minds. Without us, you only have half the story.’ Kaele Stokes from Dementia Australia describes a new free resource ‘Half the Story’ aimed at helping organisations engage in meaningful consultation with people living with dementia, their families and carers.

Updated 23 May 2023
Building a clinical governance bridge between consumer and staff satisfaction

Staff satisfaction is a predictor of consumer satisfaction and yet the two are often addressed separately. However, staff satisfaction can be built into the pursuit of quality care using clinical governance as a bridge between the two. In these days of searching for solutions to staff retention and consumer satisfaction, addressing them together offers the potential to reap significant rewards for consumers and staff.

Updated 04 May 2023
High tech aged care: Why we’re not all there yet

The next generation of aged care customers is on the horizon, and they are likely to expect ‘Uber’ level tech in all aspects of service delivery. Kate Dobie of the ACH Group explains to those outside the sector, including tech providers, why simply adding new technology isn’t as quick or as easy as you might think.

Updated 26 Apr 2023
​​Technology-enhanced aged care: No longer an afterthought but key to reform​

​​Dr Kate Barnett, author of the Technology Roadmap for the Australian Aged Care Sector, discusses how we rarely see technology as a part of an ongoing reform process, probably because it has not been central to the traditional design and delivery of care in the Australian aged care system. She discusses how consumer expectations are changing with increased demands for immediacy and for personalisation of services, and that portals are becoming increasingly widespread, and are now part of the aged care ecosystem.​

Updated 19 Apr 2023
Dementia toolkit

The ELDAC dementia toolkit provides evidence-based information, guidance, and a range of resources to support health professionals and aged care staff in palliative care and advance care planning for people living with dementia and their families. It is structured around two main sections: clinical care and education and learning. 

Updated 13 Apr 2023
What is clinical governance in aged care?

This webpage provides  information about what clinical governance in aged care is, how it is implemented, and how AgeWorks can help with the main issues with clinical governance in aged care. 

Updated 12 Apr 2023
Clinical governance in aged care

An Aged Care Quality and Safety Commission webpage, providing a tookit of resources concerning clinical governance in aged care. The individual factsheets are provided as separate resources in this collection.

Updated 11 Apr 2023