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Presenting texture modified foods

This blog post by Nutrition Professionals Australia explains 4 techniques for cooks in aged care settings to present texture modified foods in an appetising way: contrast, layering, adding height and shape.

Four clinical governance rabbit holes to avoid

Aged care can shorten development time and increase implementation effectiveness by learning from the previous experiences of the healthcare sector's clinical governance pathways. In this blog, the Australasian Institute of Clinical Governance details four key clinical governance implementation 'rabbit holes', highlighting how stepping over or around these holes can help aged care reduce clinical governance evolution time and increase positive point of care impact.

Added 31 Jan 2024
​​Searching for aged care information online – search sources​

​​This, the first in our blog series, ‘searching for aged care information online’, looks at the basics of Internet searching, considers possible pitfalls and the digital literacy skills needed, along with helpful tips, to navigate the Internet successfully and have confidence in your results.​

Added 24 Jan 2024
​​Meaningful engagement and partnerships in research with people living with dementia and their family

​​When reflecting on the experience of researching in partnership with people living with dementia and their carers, Dr. Domenica Disalvo, in this blog, acknowledges both the challenges and benefits of co-designing. However, there is a need for researchers to be both flexible and creative in adapting their engagement approaches to enable people living with dementia to fully participate in research, generating real insights into their needs and preferences for care.​

Added 18 Jan 2024
Ageing in place – the right of people living in rural communities

Sustainable aging in rural settings requires ongoing commitment and collaboration by different organisations to support initiatives to overcome persistent barriers experienced by older people accessing aged care beyond their communities. Associate Professor Maree Bancroft examines both the challenges and explores how community-driven approaches can help elderly Australians age at home in regional, rural and remote areas a possibility.

Staying at Home: Innovative carer respite and well-being program

Our current blog explores the challenges faced by family carers of individuals living with dementia and highlights the positive impact of the Staying at Home (SAH) program delivered nationally by Dementia Support Australia. Tom Gauci explains how SAH, as an innovative carer well-being and respite program, can empower family carers by encouraging early access to respite, and by providing tools and confidence to navigate changes in their caregiving role.

Added 06 Dec 2023
​​Empowering Aged Care: Innovations in Education and Training​

​​Learning is the process of gaining knowledge and skills through study, experience, or instruction. As the need for aged care communities continues to grow, there is a significant demand to invest in developing the knowledge, skills, and attitudes of the workforce to meet current and future requirements.

Added 14 Nov 2023
El Nino officially declared: What does it mean for older Australians?

With the intensity and frequency of heat events expected to increase in Australia, we must better prepare our vulnerable populations. Mehak Oberai from Griffith University explains how mobilising all relevant stakeholders to promote the understanding of ‘heat as a health issue’, can empower older people with increased awareness and improved readiness against this silent killer.

Added 25 Oct 2023
​​Themed ITP Round: Reablement​

​​Find out how ARIIA's Innovator Training Program (ITP) themed sessions focussing on reablement have empowered health care professionals to develop evidence-based solutions to issues identified within their organisation. Dr Stephanie Champion explains how, with expert guidance and accessible resources, ARIIA’s Innovators are reshaping care through co-designing projects with consumers and local staff to support older people to live well for as long as possible.

Promoting excellence: The vital role of clinical effectiveness and research in health care

Clinical governance integrates clinical effectiveness, research, whilst fostering teamwork to optimise outcomes for consumers. Find out how building strong leadership, operational processes, and a positive workplace culture to incorporate practices such as credentialing, audits, and adherence to guidelines; can contribute to safe and quality care.

Added 27 Sep 2023