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Introducing digital technology into aged care

Dr Merran Cooper, CEO of Touchstone Life Care, describes the benefits of, and barriers to, introducing digital technologies into the aged care setting, highlighting that research has begun into the use of technology to improve communication between elderly people, their carers, and aged care providers.

Updated 23 Mar 2023
Workforce projects to improve palliative care expertise and knowledge in aged care

Christy Hunt, ELDAC’s Workforce Development Manager, describes some of her team’s initiatives for improving the palliative care skills and knowledge of the aged care workforce.

Tell Touch: A digital health intervention for the aged care sector

Rosemary Fisher and colleagues from Swinburne University of Technology and the University of Melbourne, introduce the Tell Touch application – an effective digital health communication platform for complaints and feedback handling in aged care homes. The successful implementation of Tell Touch shows the potential for technology to transform the aged care service delivery model.

Updated 14 Mar 2023
The Chinese iSupport program: Engaging Australia’s diverse communities in best practice in dementia care

Chinese-Australian informal carers play a crucial role in maintaining people with dementia at home for as long as possible, but they face challenges in accessing dementia care education programs. Professor Lily Xiao of Flinders University describes the Chinese iSupport program and its freely accessible resources now available to support Chinese-Australian home-based carers.

Updated 09 Mar 2023
Customer experience technology: Bringing aged care into the 21st century

John Perkins, CEO and Founder of Checked in Care talks about the emergence of customer experience platforms in aged care, and how they are bringing benefits in aged care that have been experienced by other industries for over a decade.

Updated 02 Mar 2023
Achieving telehealth benefits for aged care – windows and doorways

Despite a much broader adoption of telehealth across Australia in the past few years, there remain questions about the long-term effectiveness and sustainability of increased telehealth uptake. In this blog, Emeritus Professor Anthony Maeder explores what these issues might mean for telehealth in the aged care context. 

Updated 01 Mar 2023
How adding music can make activities more meaningful for people

Experienced aged and disability care worker Sarah-Kaye Page provides ideas on how staff and family might use formal and more spontaneous music activities to improve the lives of older people in their care.

Improving mental health of people with dementia in residential aged care

Dr Deborah Brooks and colleagues invite interested aged care residents, family/care partners, and aged care staff to participate in a co-design project to develop MHICare Tool – a tool for monitoring and promoting the mental health of people with dementia living in residential aged care.

Updated 13 Feb 2023
LEAPing into meaningful activities

Dr Jacqueline Wesson, University of Sydney, describes a new leisure assessment tool under development for people living with dementia in residential aged care – LEAPing into meaningful activities.

Do dietitians want to work in aged care?

Karly Bartrim, aged care dietitian and researcher, explains the vital role of dietitians in supporting the health and wellbeing of older Australians and why this country’s aged care dietitian workforce needs to increase substantially in size and capacity.

Updated 01 Feb 2023