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Presenting texture modified foods

This blog post by Nutrition Professionals Australia explains 4 techniques for cooks in aged care settings to present texture modified foods in an appetising way: contrast, layering, adding height and shape.

Communication Strategies for you and your loved ones

This article from Ear Science Institute Australia describes practical strategies to help in communicating with people with hearing problems. It also includes a 3min video about how hearing loss affects everyone.

Added 25 Jan 2024
Caring for the carers – How can we take better care of care workers?

Provided information on how we can take better care of care workers

Added 20 Dec 2023
Living longer: How to manage loneliness as an older person

This article from Advocare provides helpful tips for older people and their families to help address social isolation and loneliness. An infographic is also available that summarises the tips in a visual manner. 

Added 26 Jul 2023
“Not just existing”: Meaning through activity participation

In this article, Dr Laura Tierney discusses what makes activities meaningful to older adults living with dementia, stressing the importance of ensuring activities are enjoyable, suited to the person, and related to personal goals. 

The role gardens and gardening can play on the health and wellbeing of older people: A literature review

This article from the Australian Nursing & Midwifery Journal describes the role, importance and benefits of gardens and gardening for the wellbeing of older adults.

4 changes to digitally transform aged care

This blog by Visionflex discusses the four changes required for the digital transformation of the aged care sector. 

Added 19 Jul 2023
Should we move our loved one with dementia into a nursing home?

This article from The University of Sydney provides insights about important things to consider when deciding to move a loved one with dementia into a nursing home.

Added 30 Jun 2023
What's governance got to do with it?

An article written by Ruth Greene, registered nurse, that explores what clinical governance is and its core purpose. 

Added 11 Apr 2023
How to meet your aged care governance obligations Part 1: Organisational governance

This article explains what organisational governance means, why it’s important, and what Aged Care Quality and Safety will be looking for when they assess organisational compliance.

Added 11 Apr 2023