StepUp for Ageing Research

StepUp for Ageing Research is a free online, postal and telephone service that connects individuals with researchers conducting studies into ageing and aged care. The ageing of the population creates both pressures and opportunities for Australia’s health and welfare sectors. Rigorous scientific research will help us address the challenges of an ageing world. Examples of ageing-related studies include aged care, health and wellbeing of older people, frailty, support, services, policy as well as issues concerning ageing and healthy societies broadly.

One of the big difficulties researchers face is finding enough participants for their studies. At the same time, many people are looking to participate in studies, but don’t know where to find them. StepUp for Ageing Research solves this problem by connecting people who want to participate in research with the right study.

Anyone aged 18 and over can register their interest, which can take as little as five minutes. Based on volunteers’ characteristics such as age, location and diagnosis, they will be matched to any studies for which they may be eligible. Please visit this website for more information and to sign-up:  

StepUp for Ageing Research is a sister program of StepUp for Dementia Research, the first systematic and inclusive service in Australia designed for the public to express their interest and to be connected to dementia research studies. Please visit this website for more information and to sign-up: