Nowlanvil championing oral health for general health

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The University of Southern Queensland in partnership with Oral Tech AI Pty Ltd, Hawkshaw Pty Ltd and UnitingCare Community has been awarded an ARIIA grant for their project ‘Nowlanvil championing oral health for general health’.

This proposed translational project aims to optimise oral health awareness, education, screening and referral using a digital health platform at Blue Care’s Nowlanvil residential care facility in Ipswich Queensland. This project extends the facilities 2021 Primary Health Network funded oral health educational strategy that improved oral health care for residents. Persistent issues remain with gaining access to registered dental practitioners for oral health screenings and referrals. This project bridges that gap for residents by linking clinical decision making and responsibility by a dentist through a digital health platform.

Smilo is a registered digital health platform that uses images of teeth and gums for oral health screening by producing an ‘Oral Health Rating’ that assists with referral processes. A registered dentist assesses the photographic images for each resident and provides professional advice and guidance for appropriate emergency care or referral pathway. Staff education and support is prioritised with a comprehensive education program in oral hygiene and Smilo digital health application processes. Nowlanvil champions will work with project facilitators to support staff and integrate Smilo into resident assessments and care plans.

Evaluation includes resident journeys, pre-and-post surveys, and adaptation and customisation of the Smilo digital health platform to aged care.