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Information Sheet
A fact sheet for aged care residents – Do you have questions, concerns or complaints about your food, nutrition and dining in aged care?

A fact sheet explaining how older people receiving aged care services can use the Food, Nutrition and Dining Hotline to ask questions, raise concerns or make a complaint about their dining experiences.

Information Sheet
A factsheet for providers – About the Food, nutrition and dining Hotline

This fact sheet outlines the the Commission's Food, Nutrition and Dining Hotline and how the service can support aged care providers and people receiving aged care services.

Information Sheet
A fact sheet for aged care residents – Enjoying dining in aged care

A fact sheet for aged care residents explaining how enjoyable dining experiences can be created by working with care teams. This fact sheet also outlines considerations for care teams when planning dining experiences and how these align to the Aged Care Quality Standards.

Information Sheet
A fact sheet for aged care residents: Informed choice and supported decision making for people who eat and/or drink when there may be a risk

A fact sheet outlining older people's rights when it comes to making choices food and drink, including how care teams can support informed decision-making about food or drink.

Information Sheet
Nutrition and your brain

This information sheet from Dementia Australia outlines how diet can help to promote a healthy brain in older age, specifically which foods to avoid, what nutrients promote brain health and what foods may reduce the risk of developing dementia.

Information Sheet
Caring for someone with Dementia: Nutrition

This information sheet from Dementia Australia outlines the importance of nutrition and explains practical strategies for families and carers of someone with dementia to ensure their diet is nutritious.

Information Sheet
Eating changes

The webpage from Dementia Australia provides practical strategies for people caring for someone with dementia that is experiencing difficulties or changes to their eating patterns.

Information Sheet
Eating well a nutrition resource for older people and their carers

This brochure from the New South Wales Government Central Coast Local Health District provides a brief overview of how to ensure protein, calcium and vitamin needs are met, assist with nutrition as a carer, screen for malnutrition, shop for appropriate groceries and answers some frequently asked questions about nutrition in dementia.

Information Sheet
Improving patient outcomes through medical nutrition therapy

This information sheet from Dietitians Australia explains what situations would be appropriate to involve a dietitian, outlining diagnoses, symptoms indicating need for referral and how dietitians could assist in the situation.

Information Sheet
Dining in residential aged care: Tips, tricks and what to avoid

Tips from the Australian Government Aged Care Quality and Safety Commission on how to ensure enjoyable mealtime experiences for residents, based on discussions with the Expert Advisory Group.