Environmental scan summary

We undertook a desktop environmental scan using Google Advanced Search to identify resources that address staff burnout at the organisational level, in the Australian aged care sector.

  • The environmental scan did not identify any resources supporting ‘organisational models’ to address staff burnout in Australian aged care settings.
  • We found 19 resources to support the Australian aged care worker against staff burnout applicable to Australian residential aged care settings. These are targeted at a wide audience ranging from the service provider, through managers and administrators, to the aged care worker. They include self-care resources. 
  • There is a mix of resource formats, e.g., reports, booklets and information sheets, news articles, webpages, and tools giving a range of strategies immediately useful to the aged care worker and aged care organisations.

If you know about resource or practice initiative that was used within Australia to prevent staff burnout during the pandemic, please share it with us by emailing