Ageing with knowledge: The Hub connecting the aged care sector with evidence-based resources

The Knowledge and Implementation Hub brings together evidence and quality Australian resources to support the aged care sector. We do this by applying systematic, evidence-based approaches to locating relevant research and summarising it in accessible language and formats for the sector.

The Hub creates and collates high-quality Australian digital tools and learning resources. These resources are available online for different audiences in aged care, and can help to speed up the process of putting new knowledge into practice. The rich and varied collection of virtual resources has the potential to reach aged care stakeholders of all types across Australia, potentially shortening the time lag between knowledge production and its appropriate translation into practice.

Below is an overview of the current collection and the data it contains, which is continuously growing and adapting to meet the needs of the sector.

  • 823 practical Australian resources: Toolkits, videos, eLearning modules and other digital resources based on a comprehensive environmental scan.
  • 77 evidence themes: Short summaries of available evidence on specific aged care issues. Created from scoping reviews of the published research.
  • 150 one-click PubMed searches: Links that go directly to PubMed citations on specific aged care topics with the option to limit to freely available full text articles.
  • 152 systematic reviews: A growing collection of reviews arranged by aged care topic that provides further access to research evidence.
  • 31 blog posts: Short perspective pieces written by people receiving care, working in, or researching the aged care sector.

View the Knowledge and Implementation Hub to access these resources and much more. 


KIH infographic - Fats, free and friendly evidence