While ARIIA will fund 80% of the total project costs up to a maximum of $160,000 per project, the Lead and/or Participating Organisations must contribute a minimum of 20% of the total project costs. 

For example, successful applications:

  • costing $200,000 will receive $160,000 from ARIIA with $40,000 contribution from the lead and/or Participating Organisation/s.
  • costing $300,000 will still only receive $160,000 from ARIIA with $140,000 coming from the lead and/or Participating Organisations.
  • costing $100,000 will receive $80,000 from ARIIA with $20,000 contribution from the lead and/or Participating Organisations.

Co-contributions must be used for eligible expenditure only (see Grant Guidelines for eligible expenses).

During financial acquittal at the end of the grant, the Lead Organisation is required to provide evidence of co-contribution expenditure being spent on eligible expenditure.

In the case of salaries and subcontractor costs, the expenditure must be used only for direct project-related costs and acquitted via proof such as through cost centre statements or paid invoice remittances.

An urgent and critical need is one that you face as an organisation or one that is across the sector. Either way, please articulate your response to address this need.

As stated in the Guidelines, an organisation can only be the Lead Organisation for one project per round. They may, however, be Participating Organisations in other applications.

Formalising the relationship through agreement/s is encouraged.

If successful in an application, any potential change/s to the relationship between the Lead Organisation and Participating Organisation/s must be discussed with ARIIA as soon as possible. If required by ARIIA, the Project Funding Agreement must be varied in writing.

Articulate your response so that it is clear which priority area is addressed through your project.

Further Information & Feedback

Enquiries, feedback and comments regarding ARIIA Grants can be submitted online via our contact form.