Selection Criteria

Applicants can participate in more than one application in a grant round. However, any organisation can only be a Lead Organisation for one application per grant round.

Applications will be assessed against the following:

  1. The significance of the problem that the project will address.
  2. The proposed solution, its impact and expected outcomes, and the strength and relevance of the existing evidence that supports the translation of the proposed solution.
  3. The project plan is appropriate, the aims are clear and targeted towards the priorities, and the timeline is feasible and well matched to the project aims.
  4. The project team has the skills and expertise to undertake and deliver the project.
  5. The budget is appropriate and justified, representing value for the research investment.
  6. Relevant governance oversight and risk mitigation strategies to support successful project completion.
  7. Relevant dissemination strategy in place to share outcomes with other organisations and enhance research impact.
  8. Project feasibility in achieving a translational outcome, translation/commercialisation capabilities, and the relevance of the commercialisation plan if successful.

An initial review of all applications will be completed against the Eligibility Criteria by ARIIA. Two independent reviewers will then be assigned to eligible applications for review against the selection criteria.

The reviewers will provide their assessment reports to the Independent Assessment Panel who will also assess the applications assigned to them. This panel consists of representatives from universities, government, industry, public, community and lay representation, and the aged care sector. The Panel will be chaired by the ARIIA’s Research Director. All reviewers and panel members are required to declare conflicts of interest and sign confidentiality agreements.

The Independent Assessment Panel will make recommendations to the ARIIA’s Board on which applications should receive funding based on the Selection Criteria. The final decision for approval rests with ARIIA’s Board.

Further information & feedback

Enquiries, feedback and comments regarding ARIIA Grants can be submitted online via our contact form.