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Four clinical governance rabbit holes to avoid

Aged care can shorten development time and increase implementation effectiveness by learning from the previous experiences of the healthcare sector's clinical governance pathways. In this blog, the Australasian Institute of Clinical Governance details four key clinical governance implementation 'rabbit holes', highlighting how stepping over or around these holes can help aged care reduce clinical governance evolution time and increase positive point of care impact.

Added 31 Jan 2024
​​Empowering Aged Care: Innovations in Education and Training​

​​Learning is the process of gaining knowledge and skills through study, experience, or instruction. As the need for aged care communities continues to grow, there is a significant demand to invest in developing the knowledge, skills, and attitudes of the workforce to meet current and future requirements.

Added 14 Nov 2023
Promoting excellence: The vital role of clinical effectiveness and research in health care

Clinical governance integrates clinical effectiveness, research, whilst fostering teamwork to optimise outcomes for consumers. Find out how building strong leadership, operational processes, and a positive workplace culture to incorporate practices such as credentialing, audits, and adherence to guidelines; can contribute to safe and quality care.

Added 27 Sep 2023
Ageing with excellence: Unravelling the power of auditing to enhance quality care!

Catherine Scott explores how using both internal and external audits can help to improve standards of care and comply with Aged Care Quality Indicators and Quality and Safety Standards. Benefits for aged care services in undertaking auditing their care practice include identifying and managing risks, increasing compliance, providing verification and reassurance, demonstrating quality, and fostering positive health.

Added 29 Aug 2023
Clinical governance in home care: A framework in the Strengthened Aged Care Quality Standards

What does ‘clinical governance’ mean in the context of home care?  How is it relevant?  This blog by Dr Melanie Tan explores the concept in parallel with the Strengthened Aged Care Quality Standards, and explains the imperative for all home care providers to embed clinical governance, whether or not they provide clinical care.

Added 25 Jul 2023
Clinical governance for aged care providers seeking highly reliable care

In this blog, Catherine Scott of Sundale Inc. explains the role of clinical governance in aged care and the benefits it brings to care recipients, their families, and the organisation’s team members.

Added 12 Jul 2023
Building a clinical governance bridge between consumer and staff satisfaction

Staff satisfaction is a predictor of consumer satisfaction and yet the two are often addressed separately. However, staff satisfaction can be built into the pursuit of quality care using clinical governance as a bridge between the two. In these days of searching for solutions to staff retention and consumer satisfaction, addressing them together offers the potential to reap significant rewards for consumers and staff.

Added 04 May 2023
What is clinical governance in aged care?

This webpage provides  information about what clinical governance in aged care is, how it is implemented, and how AgeWorks can help with the main issues with clinical governance in aged care. 

Added 12 Apr 2023
Clinical governance in aged care

An Aged Care Quality and Safety Commission webpage, providing a tookit of resources concerning clinical governance in aged care. The individual factsheets are provided as separate resources in this collection.

Added 11 Apr 2023
Toolkit: Clinical governance framework guide

A guide to a series of Aged Care Quality and Safety Commission resources that can be used as the basis for a clinical governance framework for services that do not already have one. This guide can also be used by services that already have a clinical governance framework to review their existing framework and identify opportunities for improvement.

Added 11 Apr 2023