Knowledge and Implementation Hub

Research evidence and knowledge help us understand what works and how things work in aged care. This can guide our care and inform our training and organisational activities.

The Knowledge and Implementation Hub provides access to evidence and resources on a range of priority topics for aged care. These topics have been identified by the aged care sector. We also have information on urgent and critical needs in the sector.

If the idea of evidence is new to you, perhaps start exploring the Hub by viewing our short learning module on the role and value of evidence in the aged care setting.


Navigating the sector

Sometimes you need some background information or to know what is happening in the sector. The research and project supports section has lots of interesting and useful resources to help you start a project, plan a study or run a training session at work.

Research and project supports

ARIIA PubMed searches

With one click, the ARIIA PubMed searches take you directly to relevant aged care research evidence in the PubMed database. PubMed is a large, free resource for accessing biomedical and health research published in journals. Simply click on your topic of interest. No search skills or database knowledge required!

ARIIA PubMed searches


KnowledgeConnect is our quarterly newsletter. The team behind the Knowledge and Implementation Hub will bring you an informative read on the latest aged care research, Australian aged care projects, and ways you can use evidence in your personal practice and within your organisation.

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Latest Knowledge Blogs

The Hub’s Knowledge Blogs provide another way to increase your knowledge of aged care. These short perspective pieces keep you informed about what is happening in the sector from the point of view of the people working or researching within it, as well as those receiving care services.

View our latest Knowledge Blogs below or see the full collection.

Exploring the nexus of aged care and digital reforms: Navigating challenges and seizing opportunities

In this blog, Dr Priyanka Vandersman explains why ELDAC’s palliative care dashboard is an example of how digital transformation can be supported by products that align with changing regulations to drive innovation and improve outcomes.

Added 04 Apr 2024
Why don’t we talk about dying

This blog explores the reluctance to discuss death and dying and introduces the Last Days program. Last Days is aimed at providing carers with the practical knowledge and resources to care for those who are in their last days, particularly in rural areas where palliative care services are limited. Find out how the program emphasises the importance of open conversations about end-of-life care and equipping families and communities with the tools to provide compassionate support.

​​Carer Knowledge Exchange: Connecting research to practice to improve outcomes for carers​

​​The Carer Knowledge Exchange (CKE) aims to improve outcomes for family and friend carers by connecting research to practice. Through a digital platform and Research Library, regular events and engagement opportunities, the CKE seeks to help expand, translate and disseminate the carer evidence base to improve carer-focused policy making and practice.

Added 06 Mar 2024