​​​​​​Product or technology ideas can range from a concept drawing to improving an existing design. ARIIA x MDPP must be able to add value to the proposed idea.

While most of the applications we see are at the ideas stage, we can work with organisations in more advanced stages. However, if you do have a product/innovation that is readily deployable, we’d suggest applying to the Aged Care Partnering Program (ACPP) instead. In the ACPP, we will work with you to source relevant research and industry experts to facilitate partnerships that can develop your idea into a robust project.

ARIIA x MDPP has expertise in mechanical and electronics engineering, firmware design and basic application development. We can also draw on expertise from our broader networks where necessary. ARIIA x MDPP does not develop software-only platforms, but can help to develop software that interfaces with a device.

Our team is primarily staffed by electronical, biomedical, and mechanical engineers. However, we do have other expertise we can pull from, including data science and seating experts to name a few. You can view our team’s expertise here.

​​​​​​​It is unlikely a project focused on pure app development without an element of novelty (in the app) will be considered.

If progressed to a technical workshop, the applicant would present their technology or product idea to relevant experts including academics, clinicians, manufacturers, end-users, and/or commercial experts. This allows the program and applicant to gather feedback and ascertain if the proposed idea would provide benefits over existing solutions.

No – the ARIIA x MDPP Ideas Incubator is free to apply.

There is a $5,000 in-kind co-contribution required for all approved projects. This in-kind co-contribution can consist of items such as time and/or product worth minimum of $5,000 AUD.

There is a co-contribution cash amount of $5,000 (ex GST). You are only subjected to pay the AU $5,000 when selected and the contracts have been signed.

The ARIIA x MDPP Ideas Incubator aims to support the development of new and impactful technology. Unfortunately, we are not able to support devices that are copies or improvements on an existing technology, it must be significantly different to existing innovations in Australian aged care.

No – if it is a medical device, we encourage you to apply directly to MDPP here. The ARIIA x MDPP Ideas Incubator is looking for non-medical products and technologies for the aged care sector.

While we do not have strict boundaries on the types of projects we accept, we do expect the following:

  • We must be able to add value to the proposed idea. That includes proof of concept research, prototyping, or product technical validation.
  • Your proposed project must be able to be completed within 250 hours of technical assistance. i.e. If you have a project that requires more than the provided 250 hours, you could carve a section for ARIIA x MDPP Ideas Incubator to complete.
  • The proposed product/technology must be innovative and demonstrate a level of commercial and technical viability.
  • The product/technology must not have already received support from MDPP (however, new innovations from previous applicants are eligible).
  • You must be looking to commercialise the product in the aged care sector.

Research in the ARIIA x MDPP Ideas Incubator can encompass activities such as creating a prototype or using technical ‘know how’ for technical development.

Unfortunately, products that have already received support from MDPP are not eligible, but new products from the same company are eligible to apply for the ARIIA x MDPP Ideas Incubator.

While a project provides 250 hours of technical expertise, these hours do not run concurrently as we often require parts to be delivered or manufactured.

Typically, regular technical meetings are required to discuss progress and gain feedback on the current direction of the project. These are often fortnightly but may change depending on the requirements of the project. In addition, there may be ad hoc meetings with Aged Care providers, and other stakeholders.

​​​​​​Successful applications will have 4 weeks from the initial notification email to enter into an Agreement with Flinders University.

​​​​​​​You’ll receive all ownership of the IP generated during the project, including any design or technical files. You will receive a detailed technical report with explanation and justification for decisions that were made during the project. You will also receive a short report highlighting the commercial opportunity with advice for next steps in developing your product further.

Provided each application is for a different project, yes, you can submit multiple applications.