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How do I decide my goals for my care management plan?

This interactive resource assists older people to decide on goals for their care management plan.

Information Sheet
Setting goals and evaluating meaningful outcomes for people living with dementia who are participating in reablement programs

This practitioner guide assists with setting goals and evaluating meaningful outcomes for older people living with dementia who are participating in reablement programs

Principles for goal setting

This resource supports the development of person-centred goals for clients and includes a goal-setting checklist using the SMARTA approach

​​Themed ITP Round: Reablement​

​​Find out how ARIIA's Innovator Training Program (ITP) themed sessions focussing on reablement have empowered health care professionals to develop evidence-based solutions to issues identified within their organisation. Dr Stephanie Champion explains how, with expert guidance and accessible resources, ARIIA’s Innovators are reshaping care through co-designing projects with consumers and local staff to support older people to live well for as long as possible.

Building reablement capabilities in the aged care workforce

This blog by Dr Claire Gough discusses the importance of reablement approaches in the delivery of person-centred aged care. The ARIIA Knowledge and Implementation Hub (KIH) will support the themed ARIIA Innovator training program (ITP) in August of 2023, focusing on ways to integrate reablement into aged care services.

Defeating frailty: The power of a Do-It-Yourself (DIY) program

For older people, functional and emotional frailty (and pre-frailty) are associated with higher mortality and morbidity. This self-management hospital-to-home program - INDividualized therapy for Elderly Patients using Exercise and Nutrition to reduce depenDENCE post discharge (INDEPENDENCE) - is showing promising results on its preliminary effectiveness and acceptability among participants.

The Rehabilitation Appliances Program (RAP)

The Rehabilitation Appliances Program (RAP) provides aids, equipment and modifications to help eligible veterans, war widowed partners and dependants  to live safely and independently. The RAP webpage links to other resources such as guidelines, forms, schedules, and more, to assists clients in accessing the program.

Wellness & reablement in practice: A training and learning guide

This interactive training resource was developed by Southern Services Reform Group to support staff delivering Commonwealth Home Support Programme services. The guide uses embedded videos to show common scenarios involving older people and service providers. It also gives staff opportunities to generate discussions and unpack best practice models to the situations portrayed. 

Aligning business and care models to succeed

A KeepAble resource on the importance of aligning business and care models when implementing wellness and reablement within a home care organisation.

Working with clients and low risk assistive technology

A KeepAble 'bite-sized' professional development module on assistance technology (AT), the role of care staff in supporting clients to use low-risk AT, and how this technology combined with a wellness and reablement approach provides greater opportunities for older people to remain living independently at home.