Environmental scan summary

To support the sector in its technology goals, the Knowledge and Implementation Hub team has compiled a collection of high-quality, practical, and informative resources that can be easily accessed within the Hub website. To identify these resources, the Hub conducted a desktop environmental scan in February 2023 using Google Advanced Search alongside targeted searches of organisational websites. We also consulted the ARIIA Evidence Advisory Group on Technology in Aged Care for suggestions on resources that address the human factors and technical considerations that are central to successful implementation.

Following a structured and systematic process, we found over 90 resources that are now available in the Technology in Aged Care Resource Collection. These resources focus on a wide range of topics such as understanding the role of technology, types of technology used in aged care settings, guides on how to develop and implement technologies, and infrastructure, interoperability, and security considerations. The resources also focus on some of the human factors that can influence the adoption, acceptance, and use of technologies in aged care.

These resources are available in different formats such reports, videos, webinars, learning modules and blogs. Many are applicable to a range of occupational groups within aged care, as well as older people and their families.

The resources in the collection provide information of topics such as: 

  • Understanding the role of technology in aged care and current issues
  • Types of technology used in aged care, their uses and benefits 
  • Guides on setting up and using different types of technologies in aged care settings 
  • Guidance in using technology in aged care specific to roles within the organisation  
  • Guidance for IT vendors and software developers intending to work with aged care providers, and   
  • Understanding factors relating to the use and adoption of technology in aged care.

Technology is significantly supporting aged care services in addressing challenges to improve the quality and safety of care for people receiving its services, maintain adequate staffing levels to achieve this, while also increasing its operational efficiency. Digital health records, video conferences and telehealth services, are only a few examples of technologies that are creating new ways of doing business. However, for these technologies to become mainstream, it is important that the aged care workforce stays informed of developments and their possibilities.

The project team will continue to repeat the scan process at scheduled intervals to ensure the resource content for this topic remains up to date.

You can download the full environmental scan summary report below.