Gaming technology

What is gaming?

A game is a system that involves different components such as rules, players, competition, and opponents. Games are traditionally used for entertainment purposes but can also be used for education and healthcare. Gaming can include traditional board games or may involve more advanced electronic devices that can be interacted with (e.g., computer, tablet, gaming console). [1] Aged care services can use gaming technologies to engage older adults in balance and strength training (e.g., Wii Fit Plus).

How is gaming used in aged care?

Most older adults engage in gaming for health-related reasons. Many older Australians believe that playing video games can increase mental stimulation, physical functioning, and improve social connectedness. [2] A common type of electronic gaming used in aged care setting are exercise video games (often referred to as exergames). Games may be used in aged care to provide entertainment, foster social engagement, and promote opportunities for exercise and/or cognitive stimulation. 

How can gaming benefit the aged care sector? 

Gaming can be beneficial for older adults, and may result in improvements in:

  • Spatial navigation, perceptions, and memory
  • Mobility and balance
  • Mental wellbeing
  • Social connectedness. [3]

Examples of innovative gaming technology in aged care

Some gaming technologies include:

  • Obie: An interactive gaming console designed specifically for older people. The built in projector allows any surface to be used to play and can be used to project games onto the floor to work on balance and stepping skills.
  • Wii Fit Plus: An enhanced version of the original Wii Fit software that can be used to tailor exercises, balance games, and fitness activities to an individual.

Connect to PubMed evidence

This PubMed topic search is focused on research conducted in aged care settings (i.e., home care and residential aged care). You can choose to view all citations or free full-text articles.

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