Human factors review summary

What we did

To better understand the human factors that may influence the successful uptake of technologies in aged care, we conducted a scoping review of the published research literature. A librarian created a broad search strategy within the Ovid Medline database, which was then translated for PsycINFO, CINAHL, Embase (Ovid) and Scopus. All searches were run on 9 January 2023. The search strategy used a wide range of terms describing different types of technologies, the aged care settings, and the various ‘humans’ or occupational groups expected to engage with technology in an aged care context. The studies identified were uploaded into Covidence where two team members reviewed them separately to judge their relevance to the topic. If these reviewers disagreed on the inclusion or exclusion of a study, a third reviewer was brought in to decide.

We also convened an Evidence Advisory Group, consisting of experts in the field of technology in aged care. This group advised on the appropriateness of the Hub’s approach to the review and provided feedback on our evidence themes.

What we found

Our searches retrieved 3264 studies, of which 111 were considered relevant to the topic. All articles reported on human factors associated with the use of technology within the aged care context. From the available evidence, we identified the following recurring themes:  


From this review, we were able to identify some recurring human factor ‘themes’ within the evidence. These themes are provided as short summaries of the evidence to support the knowledge and practice needs of the aged care workforce. 

We identified the following recurring themes: